Key West, Florida

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Scenic road to Key West

I had a day off, so I decided to go out for a drink, I put on my favourite short, under-the-ass-long, black dress, which had it's back open, and accentuated my big breasts invitingly. I was not wearing panties. I wanted everyone to know, I am the bitch, who is open for business that night.

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

I heard, there was a clothing optional bar on the main street, where you can pick up guys, and you might even meet navy guys, as they come to the Keys for training.

As I entered the bar, looked around. I was not disappointed.

There were half naked guys, completely naked guys and of course girls smiling at them.

Who wouldn't? It was a sea of dicks.

There were two very handsome, tall, very cute guys sitting next to the bar wearing shorts and tank tops, that showed their beautiful tanned, ripped body.

They looked very young, around 22-23. I thought to myself "Jackpot"

I ordered a drink, an espresso martini, my favourite.

As, I was having my drink, I kept looking at them not too far from them. I was still finishing up my drink, and then the bartender handed me another one.

"-It's from the guys at the end of the bar" -he said.

I smiled and walked up to them.

"-I thought chivalry is a dying art" -I said

"-No, not at all. Wanna sit down? " - he said in a very deep sexy voice tone, that made my pussy wet.

"-No,I rather stand" - I said.

I was surprised and intrigued by his confidence and style.

"-I'm Nick and this is John.." - he continued.

"-...22 and navy guys?" -I cut in.

They looked at each other surprised, I chuckled.

"-Don't worry, everyone knows you guys come here for training, ....and you kinda look like it." - I said.

"-So then, you obviously know everything about us." -he smiled "-What about you? What are you doing in this bizarre place?"

"-Well. It's my day off, so I decided to chase after my fantasy" - I drank into my cocktail.

"-Your fantasy...?" - as he said this, he was measuring me up with his eyes, looking at my breasts, and my olive tanned legs.

I leaned in towards him, gently pressing my chest to his shoulder and said.

"-Doing it with a navy guy"

As I said this, I touched his leg and, then pressed my lips to his for a gentle kiss.

His friend was a bit surprised, but was watching us, getting a hard on.

"-Ehmm. I'm gonna come in a sec" - said Nick and then, headed to the toilet, leaving me and John alone.

"-Khmm, so what did you say to him?" - he asked me sipping into his drink.

I turned around, so I can put my warm ass and wet pussy on his leg. As, I did, I grabbed his hand and put it around my hip.

"-You will see" -I said.

By this time, Nick was coming back, looking at us, smiling.

"-Oh, I see you already found someone else" - he sat on the barstool grabbing his drink.

I reached to his neck, pulled him close and kissed him.

"-Why don't we go back to yours and have some fun" - I asked smiling.

He looked at John and said

"-Let's go"

We got into the taxi, all three of us sat into the back, me in the middle. I grabbed Nick's hand putting it on my pussy and grabbed John's hard penis. We all knew, it is going to be a perfect night.

Their place was big, they were staying in a room with two king size bed and a huge shower room.

As, I stepped into the bathroom, I was taking my dress off inviting them to join me. Their body and their dick were perfect. Nick had a smaller dick, perfect for my ass, John had a huge dick, perfect for my pussy.

Nick joined me first in the shower, starting to kiss me, touching my pussy, caressing my breast. Then John joined us, so I turned around starting to kiss him, touching his gorgeous pumping cock.

Nick bent me over, so he can rim me, and I started to suck John off.

I got so horny, I grabbed their hands and led them to the room, all wet, not even drying ourselves. I threw John to the bed and climbed on top of him, so I can finally feel him inside of me.

As, I was taking it in deeper and deeper, he was holding my hip, looking at my face enjoying his girth, whilst Nick was getting ready to put his dick into my ass.

He pulled my hair back and said:

"-Now, your ass is gonna get it too. I'm gonna fuck you from behind, whilst your pussy is eating his dick up."

Then he pressed me towards John, spit on my asshole and pushed his dick in me.

This turned me on so much, I screamed out to him:

"-Fuck me, fuck my ass hard Nick"

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