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I will make you suffer

Updated: Jan 6

We all make that mistake that we give into being nice time to time. Either because we had a long day and we just don't have the energy to fight or simply because we cannot be bothered to be raugh all the time (talking about toxic masculanity, huh?).

I never got married. I cannot tolerate men. I cannot tolerate being controlled by anyone. Ever.

As a result of this, when I do get into a "relationship" once in a blue moon, I am still independent, strong, free as a bird. I am still loyal to my man, but never bow in front of anyone.

I love to clean, I do not need a maid. I love to organise the house, I love the smell of freshly washed clean clothes and so on. Also, I love to cook. Perfect sub? No. It's just my preference. So then why would anyone ever think, just because I enjoy doing these things I am vulnerable or weak. Maybe because these are considered submissive traits? I am not sure.

I woke up feeling fantastic and energetic. I started to clean, then cook. I saw my guy was in a weird mood. I wasn't bothered, I was focusing on myself. The whole day he had an atittude and by the end of the day he even tried to be overpowering. I thought to myself "One more snarky comment and he will suffer". We were getting ready as we were going out, to check out the World Art Dubai exhibition. I was wearing my gorgeous white top, that was showing chest ("Let them stare, let them talk") with my black suit pants and my black PU platform strappy high heels.

When we arrived, he got out of the car, didn't open the door for me.

"Ok, that's it. This was your last thing for today"

As we were walking to the exhibition I did not look at him, did not say a word to him.

"I will not make a scene here, once we are home, I will give him a lesson."

The exhibition was great, the artists were outstanding. I purchased couple of paintings, as I love to paint myself too. I did not let him pay. He doesn't get to please me, when he acts like a total asshole.

When he was giving his card for payment, I took it from him and threw it on the floor. The cashier looked at me shocked, then I gave her my card. She did not know what to do, she was hesitant looking at both of us.

"I will pay for the paintings" - I said with the coldest tone possible.

My guy looked at me, he knew he crossed the line. He got his card from the floor, then put it away with an embarrased look on his face. He understood he is in trouble, he will be punished. We got to the car, this time he jumped to open my door, but I did not get into the front, I got into the back. He is not my guy now, he is just a driver for me.

On the way home, the silence was deafening, you could cut the tension in the air. He tried to catch my eyes in the mirror, but I was just looking outside. When we arrived I got out of the car, walked to the elevator.

He opened the door, I walked in. As soon as he closed the door behind me I pushed him to the door by his neck and said:

"Get on the floor you useless fucking asshole" He gulped.

I pushed him on the floor, then put my foot on his back pushing him down even more.

"Lick my shoes"

As he started to lick my shoes I walked away, I went into the bedroom.

"Do not dare to stand up. You don't get to walk, when you are nothing, but a worm."

He crawled into the bedroom looking guilty and ashamed. I sat on the bed.

"Lick it. But only the bottom. You can only lick dirt. My shoes are too valuable for you"

As he was licking the dirt off my shoes, I grabbed his face and and slapped him hard, then stood him up by his neck. I tore his shirt off, ripping it.

"Take the rest of your clothes off."

His face was red, there was a tiny tear drop in the corner of his eye. He took his clothes off, was standing naked in front of me. I got a black leather handcuff out of the drawer, grabbed his hand tied it tight around his wrist, then locked him to the leg of the bed.

"Lay down. Open your legs."

He laid down shakingly, he knew what was coming for him. As soon as he opened his legs I kicked him hard. He did not dare to make a sound. I did not say a word. Then I kicked him again, even harder. I could see he is really close to cry. I stepped on his neck with my shoes still on, looked deeply in his eyes and said:

"Learn where your fucking place is"

I walked away leaving him slightly sobbing. I went to get my cigarettes. After all, it was a stressful day isnt it?

I sat on the bed, resting my feet on his chest, using him as a human furniture and started to smoke. I didn't bother to get an ash tray. Why would I, when there is a useless piece of shit laying on the floor under my feet. He will be the perfect object to contain my trash. After I finished smoking, I ordered him to open his hands.

"Please Misstress, I'm begging for your mercy, please" - he opened his hand sobbing.

"Close your fucking eyes and put your opened hand on the floor. And stop sobbing you weak little nobody" - I said with a cold tone.

He closed his eyes and placed his hand on the floor.

I stepped on it with full body weight with my heel, then walked away laughing. I opened the window, threw out the cigarette bud, then left the room locking the door behind me.

I decided to go to the guest bedroom to sleep, let that filth sleep on the floor and let him think of his misbehaviour that day.

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