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The battle of the Dommes

Updated: Jan 6

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai
mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

The best way to get rid of some particularly nasty emotions is, to go to the gym, and punch the crap out of a boxing bag, or simply do weights until you cannot move any longer.

So, this is what I did. I went to the gym and I smashed sessions after sessions...but then, I got super exhausted, and really did not have the motivation to get out of bed, which did not really help my already troubled mind. I was thinking, maybe I should get a PT, who will not take any excuse from me and will push me to my best.

As, these thoughts were lingering my mind, guess what happens? A professional personal trainer messages me on Insta.

He saw my picture, and likes, what he saw (manifesting what I want, right?). Perfect.

So, we carry on chatting, turns out, he does go to clients (which is important to me) and his rates are high, but, not surprised after having 20+k followers on his Insta filled with several success stories.

All right. Let's do this. Let's pump those muscles.

He arrives with my favourite car, roaring like a beast, and then he get's out of the car, looking like an even bigger Beast. The "dude" is over 6′ 4″, fit, wearing a hoodie and a short, that accentuates his extremely well built bottom. I'm not sure where to look, how to behave, I'm intrigued.

"What the heck?! Did he look THIS good on Insta?!" - I'm thinking to myself as I'm walking to the gym with him - "I have to focus on the training, he is just a PT, and I'm just a client".

I successfully shift my focus and have an amazing session. We agree to meet 2-3 times a week, I go to bed exhausted.

I start to pick up on the training properly, I don't feel like I wanna kill myself from muscle pain any longer, I actually start to crave more and more workout, so we increase the times we see each other.

We meet for a training, but now, my fences are not high enough, he breaks them down with a smile. "Damn, he is so handsome...and those butt cheeks are waiting for me to bite them" - I think to myself, whilst I'm looking at his body, as he is showing me the correct posture of deadlift.

I grab the bar to lift, he comes behind me towering over my body as a giant.

I'm instantly turned on. I feel my pussy is getting warmer and warmer and it is pumping from desire.

I spend the rest of the session wanting to feel his skin on mine...and, then I get, what I the end of the session, he tells me to get on the floor, so he can stretch my legs.

I lay down, wanting to pull him on top of me. He crouches down to push my leg towards me, and then, his leg touches mine, and I can feel his warm skin.

I lose all my focus, and I all I can think of is his naked body on top of mine, entering my dripping wet pussy.

He looks into my eyes, he sees it all, he knows, what I'm thinking and I know, what he is thinking, as he starts pushing his hard dick to my thighs.

-"This is a good position" - he says, as he carries on rubbing his dick on me -"You are very tight, you need a good massage".

I just continue looking into his eyes, with a smile, that confirms: I really want to fuck you too.

After the session, I leave the gym frustrated, horny, absolutely turned on. I go to my room, get naked to get into the shower and I see my underwear is absolutely ruined, it's wet and smells like sweet, delicious pussy, that needs to be punished by this gigantic Beast. I touch my pussy, my clit is huge, I'm dripping wet, I want to give myself a sweet relief, but I stop myself. I am holding onto this big orgasm. I want to come all over his dick.

The next day, my body is in pain. I need a rest, which is an excellent excuse to order him to come and massage me, so I do so:

"Come and massage me" - I send him a text.

"I will be there by 6:30" - he texts me back.

I am excited, I'm turned on, I cant wait for him to arrive, I'm hooked.

He knocks on the door, I let him in, he is smiling, I say nothing, there is nothing to say, I'm wearing a black lace underwear, with a black top, without a bra, so he can see my naturally big bouncing breasts and my rock hard pointy nipples. I give him the baby oil and I lay on my tummy on the bed, put my head down and close my eyes, so he can start massaging my feet, my legs and my ass. He chuckles, he sees I'm Dominant.

....And so he is. He takes off his clothes, slides on top of me, he puts his dick between my butt cheeks, and bites into my neck. His weight, his warmth, his enormous cock makes me wanna shout out "FUCK ME", but I'm down for the game. I want him to suffer, I want me to suffer.

He sits up, spills oil all over my body, and then he lays his big hands on me making me feel like a tiny girl next to him (I'm 5' 9"). He is massaging my calves, massaging my thighs and then he grabs my ankle, lifts my foot and puts my toes into his mouth, like he knows, I have a weakness for foot worship. As his warm breath, soft lips touch my toes, my breathing gets deeper and deeper. He licks my arch, bites my heel, holding my foot with one hand, whilst he is getting closer and closer to my inner thigh. He can feel the burning heat, that is coming out of my vagina, like an inviting, but dangerous volcano, that will eat you alive, as soon as you get close to it. But, he is not intimidated, he is a Beast, that can throw you around with one hand if he wants to.

He continues to massage my inner thigh, avoiding touching my pussy on purpose, he wants to make me beg for it, it's the battle of the Dommes.

I come up to doggy position to tease him and to take my top off. As I back onto his crouch, he grabs my hip, and squeezes it, as he can barely contain his hunger for my body. I sigh.

I lay back down, so he can continue massaging me, but he grabs my legs and turns me around. He looks at me as a predator, and I look at him as a predator. His eyes are fixated on my big round breasts and nice cut pussy and mine on his beautiful, extremely strong body, great muscles and gorgeous 8+ cock. He pours oil slowly on my front, starting with my breasts and then going slowly down to my pussy. As, he is doing this, he is constantly looking into my eyes, with a subtle smile, and then smears the oil all over my body. But this time, he touches my pussy. Only the outer part. He is stroking it, making me shake, wanting him to put his fingers in me, so I can finally feel him.

He can see the frustration on me and I can see on him too, we both want to enjoy each other, we both want to fuck our brains out.

He comes on top of me, pressing his dick to my clit, pressing his lips to mine, and finally he slides his huge dick deep inside of me, so easily, that makes me think:

"Did I just get that wet, this much?"

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

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