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"You're gonna get what you deserve"

Updated: Jan 6


I had so many things to do in the office, my stress level skyrocketed. It seemed like, work will never end...and, then on top of this, I got an email from Him.

His email was cold, distant, like we don't know each other, after one month of not talking to each other.

As, I was reading his short, meaningless lines, my heart was getting cold too.

I felt numb. My eyes were reading his response, but in my head, there was only white noise, and I felt like I was floating in an abandoned spaceship.

I couldn't move, I was just staring at the screen.

"That's it? This is what I mean to him? Was this only in my head? Was there ever any love?"

Whilst these thoughts were hovering my mind, I got a notification on my phone, from a sub, whom I already talked to once.

"-Hello Miss Cox, are you available tonight?"

"-Yeah" - I answered with the least care in the world.

And then something very dark got over my mind. I felt furious, I felt hatred, I just wanted to hurt Him so bad.

"-Come and see me NOW!" - I wrote to the sub.

"-I am so sorry Miss, but I'm not sure if I can leave work." - he said.

"-I don't care. Make it happen." -I responded.

I grabbed my things, and headed to the hotel.

As I was putting my high gloss stockings and half boots on, I could already picture making this sub lick my boots even shinier.

He arrived. He was handsome, tall, fit, olive skinned.

"-Get on the floor and shine my boots you dog." -I ordered him.

He did not question me, just went on his knees and started to lick my boots.

"-Now take them off and start to massage my feet." - I continued.

"-What are you doing?" - I slapped him hard.

"-Do it right!"- I continued.

He looked at me with puppy eyes, but did what I told him to do.

As he was massaging my foot, I was deeply in my thoughts. I was frustrated, I was angry. I knew I needed more. I needed something to release my pain.

"-Stay on the ground, but get your upper body on the bed and don't look back " - I said

Once he turned on the bed, I reached for my strap on, that already had a 6 inch attached to it, and I put it on.

I got behind him, grabbed his hair, pulled his head back, and then bit hard into his neck, then said:

"-You're gonna get what you deserve"

As I was saying this I was already pushing my 6 inch deep inside of him.

"-This is what you want, you dirty slut?? You want a dildo in your ass??"

I was going hard on him, putting all my anger into fucking him from behind.

I was sweating from doing him and also, by getting turned on by his moaning.

I felt my anger reaching my throat, I could barely hold my tears back. He was in ecstasy, he could not sense any of this. Once, he reached Nirvana, I stopped and collapsed to the bed panting. He was breathing fast with his head buried in the bed. He lifted his head, looked at me with a big smile on his face, and realised my soul was in pain.

"-Why are you so sad? Can I do anything to make you feel better?" -he asked.

I couldn't say a word, I knew, if I did, my tears would come with it.

He reached to my hand, and held it comfortingly.

"-Let me give you a massage. I promise, it will make your pain go away." -he said.

I just turned on my stomach and he started to massage me. His hands were magical, he really did make me feel better.

"-Are you feeling better?"-he asked.

I looked at him, didn't say anything, just pulled him close. He wrapped his arm around me, and held me, with all his healing energies.

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

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