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Punishing Iron Man

Updated: Jan 6

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai
mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

As I live opposite to the Burj Al Arab hotel, I always see the beautiful light show every evening, but also, yesterday, there was a helicopter landing there. I have to admit, it was pretty cool (and loud), but also sparked my imagination straight away. The helicopter pad reminded me of the Stark Tower (if you don't know what I am talking about, close your curtains, and start watching Marvel's Iron Man series).

Just imagine how amazing that would be, if the super intelligent, super arrogant (and super hot) Tony Stark was landing there.

What would be even more amazing, if I was some super villain and I had an encounter with Tony Stark.

"Let me introduce myself, Dr. Alexis Cox, therapist and supervillain"

Miss Alexis has the power of mind reading, and controlling people. She is extremely strong, and she can consume the soul of her victims. She has the beauty of a Goddess, and she knows how to seduce any man, without using any of her powers. It takes only one look. Her blue eyes are magical.

Day time, she is a therapist, she helps people, because she can relate to the unfortunate. She's been messed around with way too many times, she knows what a broken heart feels.

On the other hand, when the sun sets, darkness takes over her restless soul. She turns into this demon Domina, who lures in the souls of the tainted. The dark souls, who just take advantage of others and consume kind souls.

She feels fury, these people must be punished, they need to suffer!

The typical red carpet charity event

This evening, I felt particularly hungry. Hungry for souls, that needed to be punished. I got an invitation to a charity event, that was held in Burj Al Arab, and Tony Stark was the guest star.

"Tony Stark. Guest star. Yeah, arrogant cunt" - I thought to myself.

I put down the invitation, put on my long black dress and headed to the event.

"-If I may say, you look very beautiful tonight Miss Cox." - Rajesh, my driver said, when opening the car door for me.

"-Thank you Rajesh. Take me to Burj Al Arab."

Rajesh was a sweet boy. He was tall, handsome, around 22, always wore the best perfumes for me and always had a spark in his eyes, when he looked at me. I never wanted to punish him, but at the end I always did. I made him lick me way too many times, after long days at work. He didn't mind, he just wanted to serve me.

On the way to the event, I was wondering how many arrogant assholes, like Tony Stark will be cheered like some superstar, when all they care about is money and greed.

He needed to be destroyed.

When I arrived, Rajesh opened the door for me and was looking at me with hopeful eyes, like he was asking "Can I please do it again, when you finish tonight?".

"-Go home Rajesh. I won't need your services tonight." - I ordered him.

I smiled and walked in to the building, where I picked up my key card to the Royal Suite.

I didn't want any staff in the suite.

It was a typical all star event with red carpet, photographers and a river of potential victims.

I started to mingle around, I was waiting for the moment they announce the arrival of the "almighty", and then there was he, landing on the helicopter pad in his Iron Man suit, Mark 85, with nanotechnology, that allowed him to suit up and disassemble in seconds,.

Everyone was cheering and clapping apart from me. I was standing there with a "resting-bitch-face", looking unimpressed, cold and bored.

He walked in, everyone was trying to get a picture with him, smiling, posing, shaking his hand, like he is some sort of God.

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai
mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

He looked around and saw me. He couldn't take his eyes off me, he was stunned. He walked up to me, and said:

"- Tony Stark. And you?" - trying to reach out to my hand to shake it.

I reached to his hand with a key card in my hand. I didn't say anything, just turned around and walked away. I knew he will be intrigued.

I walked to the other end of the room, towards the elevator, he followed me with his eyes. He understood I will not talk to him in front of the press, neither the curious eyes of others.

I looked into his eyes and called the elevator.

I got into my room, poured myself a drink and sat on the side of the sofa.

Not too late, he followed.

"-Do I know you from somewhere, Miss...?" - he asked.

"- Dr. Cox. I doubt. I don't make friends with arrogant assholes". - I said

"-Whoa, tone that down a bit, will you. You just gave me your room key, which is actually pretty neat" - he was looking around. "-I thought you wanted me here"

I stood up and walked towards him.

"-Yes, Mr. Stark. I wanted you here for a reason." - I smiled and pushed my drink into his hand.

"-I knew, you will not be able to say no for my invitation, because you are just another tainted soul, who only cares about money and power, not minding who he is walking all over on the way to get what he wants. Well, you walked into the wrong room Mr. Stark. You will be punished for your wrong doings."

He looked at me suspiciously, but he couldn't look away, he got his eyes locked in on me.

I grabbed his throat, pushed him to the wall and started to kiss him. The drink fell out of his hand breaking into a million pieces.

He couldn't resist, he kissed back. It was so wrong. Pepper was waiting for him in the Stark Tower.

He grabbed my hip and pulled me close to his crotch. It was warm and he was hard. He was kissing me passionately, for a moment I forgot why I was there.

"-Now, you are going to do what I say, you dog, and then your soul will be consumed" - I said and pushed his head down towards my pussy, whilst lifting my dress.

He tried to fight against it, but he couldn't resist. He pulled my panties down and started to lick me with his warm lips and tongue.

I felt like I had to lay down, my legs started to shake, I could barely hold myself.

Seeing this, he grabbed me, my legs wrapped around him and took me to the bed, whilst kissing. He put me on the bed and opened my legs to carry on pleasuring me.

"What am I doing? He is evil, he can't break my wall down" - I thought to myself, but I couldn't stop moaning, my clit doubled the size.

He was still wearing his tuxedo, but I saw his hard on and a big patch of precum on his crotch. This just turned me on even more.

"-Take off your pants, I wanna see your dick" - I ordered him.

He took his pants off. His boxers was so wet, I couldn't believe my eyes, the end of his dick was showing from his boxers.

I reached to it, pulled down his underwear.

His dick popped out, like it couldn't wait another moment to finally enter me. The veins around his enormous dick were pumping, making his dick dance for me, begging for my welcoming warmth. His smell was sweet and unique, it was intoxicating, paralyzing.

I knew this was the perfect moment to end his life and consume his soul, as he was in his most vulnerable, but I just couldn't do it. My body was burning up from the longing I felt for his dick.

"-I just want your soul to collide with my soul"- he said with his deep voice.

I froze. The last time I told this to a man, I got hurt. Way too hurt. I couldn't take that pain again.

"-What the hell do you know about souls, you're just a power hungry asshole, you care for nobody, but yourself" - I frowned at him.

"-I don't know what you think of me, what I am, but I can assure you, this cold exterior I present to people, is just a mask I need to wear, in order to protect me. Do you not wear any masks Dr.? - he asked.

I couldn't say anything. I stayed silent. I gave in.

I grabbed his neck and started to kiss him passionately, he held me in his arms and finally he entered me. As he was sliding his wet dick slowly into my warm pussy, we both sighed. Then he pushed it in completely, my nails scratching his back, my legs wrapped around him, my mouth biting his neck and his biting mine. He was moving his hip slowly in and out, he wanted to feel every inch of me. My eyes met his, we were just staring at each other, I felt like I could look into his soul and him into mine.

There was no more talking. We forgot about why we were there, who we were, we forgot about everyone and everything, because our souls did collide.

mistress / dominatrix / dungeon / bdsm / massage / dubai

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