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I am a very honest, straightforward, empathetic woman, who has an enormous passion for psychology and sexuality.  I believe, by creating a safe and sensual space, by being naked, close and vulnerable, allows you to open up and achieve a high level of honesty and positive environment, where nobody is ever judged. The aim of the sessions are not purely sexual, but rather bringing a closeness into your life, which you might have never been able to experience with anyone else before.     

  • Want to spend time together in a taboo free, intimate, non-judgmental environment?

  • Want to let go of expectations and just chill? 

  • Are you experiencing stagnation in your relationship, or you don't have anyone to talk about your fantasies with? 

  • You don't want to cheat on your wife, don't want to have any physical relation with another woman, but you wish to open up to someone?

  • You want to try some things, but you are too shy to explore those ideas? 

  • You need someone you can be vulnerable with?


I am here for you, and I want to have fun with you..


I have a postgraduate certificate of psychology and starting a postgraduate course of masters of psychology, specializing in counselling in September, 2021.

I have 12 years of experience working as an exotic dancer all around the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA and all around Europe. Throughout my working years, the therapeutic sessions with my visitors, included fully naked sensual massages, deep meaningful conversations focusing on their emotional state, or just light hearted hangouts, depending on the preference of my guest. 










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